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The new models 780 and 790 feature a new topside handle and a more comfortable ergonomic rear handle for easier maneuvering and less wrist stress while an operator moves down the pipeline. The new topside front handle also makes carrying the holiday detector easier.

A shoulder strap can be attached distributing the approximate 3.9 kg weight of the detector and making long inspections much less physically taxing. With an optional wand the 780 or 790 can be quickly converted to a shoulder carried unit ( using the shoulder strap) to inspect tanks, flat and “ hard to get to” contoured surfaces.

The circuitry of the new models 780 and 790 is very similar to Pipeline Inspection Company’ s earlier designs with the addition of a built in ‘ jeepmeter’ . The integral jeepmeter features a digital readout and a visible positive ground indicator light that gives the operator the go ahead to begin jeeping. Both new holiday detectors are equipped with a louder more audible alarm for operations around heavy equipment.

SPY-790 - 5, 000 to 35, 000 pulse voltage for a wide range of coatings. Spy-785 - 1, 000 to 15, 000 pulse voltage is designed for thicker coatings.
SPY-780 - 0 to 5, 000 DC voltage - is designed for thin film coatings.

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